Brazilian Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is the best solution for removing unwanted hair in delicate areas. Shaving around your bikini area or buttocks is tricky work and unsightly razor bumps can spoil careful grooming. You’ll never worry about ingrown hairs, razor burn or shaving bumps again after saying goodbye to your hair forever with laser hair removal.

No more ripping and tearing at your hair follicles with hot wax and now you can keep blades blades away from your bikini area for good. The Brazilian bikini area—which includes the entire bikini area, and between the buttocks (including the perirectal area)—can solve the complicated issue of reaching around with razors to catch every last stray hair.

Our lasers are safe enough to be used in tender areas without burning or damaging the skin. The laser is operated by Authorized Candela Practitioners who are extensively trained and are overseen by medical doctors to safely utilize the laser around sensitive anatomy.

A Lifetime of Brazilian Waxes Cost $0,000

How Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Works

Brazilian hair removal takes care of all your unwanted hair in the bikini area; we’re talking your whole bikini plus between the cheeks, so your buns will never see a razor again!

The Brazilian area is sensitive, but our lasers are gentle enough to still target the hair follicle and not break the surface of the skin. As the laser works, the root of the hair is permanently destroyed and you’re left with soft, smooth skin forever.

  • There's no down-time, so you’re free to enjoy the fruits of our lasers right away!
  • Unlike waxing or tweezing, you’ll shave prior to your appointment so the laser can accurately target the follicle, so you won’t be stuck growing out uncomfortable hair for weeks.
  • The laser is gentle so it can treat sensitive areas safely, without losing effectiveness.

Why Use a Laser for Your Brazilian?

Your skin protects your body from harm and deserves to be well-cared for. This means keeping hot waxes and rusty razors out of the picture. You’ll get long lasting results without the mess and save time without the weight of unwanted hair with our gentle hair removal.

  • Always Ready. Stop the acrobatic reaching routine and get rid of unwanted Brazilian area hair forever.
  • Results are Forever. Smooth skin is here to stay with laser hair removal. In 7-10 treatments, say goodbye to those pesky hairs forever.
  • Lifetime Results. Have a rogue hair that doesn’t want to go? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it at no additional cost, for life. Our Unlimited Package™, included with every purchase, means we’ll take care of your purchased area forever, no fees, no questions asked.
  • Gentle Results. Our medical professionals take extra care to make sure your treatments are gentle, effective, and most of all, safe. Their extensive training means you’ll get the treatments you want, with the comfort you deserve without sacrificing quality.

Laser hair removal is the best way to remove hair from your body. It’s the safest, most effective process for getting permanently smooth skin.

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